What is The Going Rate For Carpet Cleaning

It can be enormously useful to obtain a baseline understanding of what the going rates for various services in your area currently happen to be. You never know when you might need to avail one of these services, and chances are that you would want to avoid calling them up in a panic since suffice it to say that this can make them tempted to quote you a higher price since they know that you are desperate and would potentially settle for any amount that they tell you.

In order to mitigate the likelihood that you would get the wool pulled over your eyes, you need to know how much Humble carpet cleaning tends to cost based on market averages and the like. The going rate for carpet cleaning is usually calculated on a per square foot basis, but we know that this can be vague information for people that are not altogether familiar with how it works in the first place. That is why we are going to tell you the overall rate as well as the square foot rate.

Most carpet cleaners would charge you around twenty cents per square foot, and if we were to take the example of a five hundred square foot carpet, that comes up to around a hundred dollars. You might have a much smaller carpet than this though, and it is not uncommon for people to get smaller rugs cleaned for under fifty dollars. That just goes to show how affordable this industry is, and how pretty much anybody can take advantage of it whenever they need to without having to worry about any financial strain that it might cause.