What is Carbon Offset?

Carbon offset is a technique used by businesses around the Globe to invest in environment related projects and offset their overall carbon footprint. These projects are usually run in developing nations, and are used to help the environment while penalizing businesses for creating excessive carbon and releasing it into the environment. Companies usually invest in clean energy projects, or just buy carbon credits from other companies in order to offset their own carbon footprint. Your business can also invest in blunting of trees to soak carbon dioxide directly from the environment.

You really, companies either invest in completely offsetting their carbon footprint, or just in buying carbon credits to offset the carbon footprint of specific activities they do. For example, you can also calculate the amount of carbon you release into the environment by taking a flight, and by carbon credits to make your flight carbon neutral.

In the last decade, carbon offsetting has become a popular topic. However, this topic is also very controversial for a few obvious reasons. Also, you can buy offsets at carbonclick.com.

Is Carbon Offsetting a Scam?

Most of the criticism carbon offsetting receives from people comes from planting trees. This is the main reason why most of the carbon of settings games have now switched from planting trees to investing in clean energy projects. Moreover, investing in clean energy projects is a wise decision as it helps make permanent changes to the environment.

Moreover, there are schemes to offset carbon footprint of houses which distribute carbon efficient stoves and other appliances to help every household.

However, many people disagree with carbon offsetting schemes as they allow businesses to continue with their carbon producing processes just by spending a few extra bucks. Environmentalists always urge companies to make permanent changes to their supply chains in order to eradicate carbon production rather than investing in carbon offsetting schemes.