What is a Fixed Blade Knife

Knives are the kinds of tools that almost everyone has in their possession, and there is a pretty good chance that you generally use them for things like cooking. There are several other uses for knives as well such as self defense and wood carving, and this has resulted in the creation of numerous knife forms all of which can be useful to you in their own unique way. Two of the most popular kinds of knife types are fixed blade knives and foldable ones.

The fact of the matter is that foldable knives are a little fragile, so if you want a knife that would never suddenly give up on you why not give a damascus fixed blade knife a try? These knives don’t have any folding elements in them which removes the propensity for damage. The hinges that allow knives to fold can often be weak spots, so anyone that is looking for a long term knife solution would be much better off if they were to go for fixed blade variants.

An added benefit of fixed blade knives is that they can stay a lot more stable in your hands. This is because of the fact that their blades are not designed to move around all that much, and the truth of the situation is that you need this much stability if you are trying to fend off an attacker. Pocket knives are great for portability and ease of use, and they can be wonderful options for first time buyers. However, experienced knife users generally tend to prefer fixed blades because of the bountiful advantages that they have to offer all of which are rather vital.