What Happens If Someone Else is Driving My Car And Gets in an Accident?

The legal system has been designed in such a way that virtually every type of eventuality has been accounted for as long as there is a precedent for it in human society to one extent or another. That’s why court cases and jail sentences can vary from person to person. One criminal that causes a car crash might get a lighter sentence than someone else, and there is usually a solid reason for why this difference can be noted by the average layperson.

A somewhat unique scenario that many people forget to take into account is if someone was borrowing their car and got into an accident. They might even need help from firefighters since cars are combustible and they can explode if the accident was severe enough. The good news that you are definitely going to want to here is that as long as the person driving your car had a valid driver’s license, it is more or less unlikely that you are going to face any charges since the driver is the person that will be held accountable in this regard.

In spite of the fact that this is the case, it is important to note that you should still cover all of your bases. You are the legal owner of a car that was involved in a fatality, and it always helps to have a lawyer that can back you up at the end of the day. You should be exceedingly careful while lending anyone your car and you should avoid doing so if you think that there is even the smallest chance that they won’t drive in a responsible way.