Top Things You Should Never Throw in Your Garbage Disposal

Installing a garbage disposal in your residential property would not only allow you to maintain fresh indoor air in between trash days, but it also provides an eco-friendly way of disposing of the waste material that we produce. Despite the fact that these appliances are fairly common in most kitchens, many users still don’t know what items they should never throw down the drain. To prevent sudden jams and clog of the drainage system, you should be able to assess what items are better left for the compost.

Shrimp shells and fruit pits should always be avoided to be placed in garbage disposals, as they can be tough for the blades and they can even emit foul smell into the household. Never put leftovers of fatty and greasy meals, as they can quickly obstruct the passage of the drains below the sink. This can, later on, increase the chances of untimely leakage and burst pipeline issues during extreme weather conditions. So you should be aware of the items that can wreak havoc on your household’s disposer. If you are looking for unbiased garbage disposal reviews, then you should visit the online platform of eWasteGuide now.

Some starchy veggies, like potatoes and cauliflower, can easily clog up the small drains of your kitchen sink. As long as you don’t pour them down in large quantities you are good to go. The hard stems some vegetables like bell pepper and green pepper can also be a little harsh on the blades of the garbage disposal, and you might just want to throw them in the compost. Similarly, rinds of melons and pumpkins should always be avoided at all costs. Using cold water would also come in handy, as you would be able to chop up the grease build-up around the drain pipes.