Myths About Criminal Cases

Whenever people think of criminal cases, they imagine famous TV featuring criminals in them. But those TV cereals and stories can’t be farther from the truth. In reality, there are specific laws set by every state to determine the pathway for criminal cases. You should also think about all the complexity involved in criminal cases, and how hard it is for the attorneys to defend the accused person. But everyone has the constitutional right to a fair trial, no matter how heinous their crimes might be.

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Here are some common myths about criminal cases.

Motive Must Be Proven By The Prosecutors

While, in some case, proving the motive does help, this doesn’t make necessarily mean that it is the only deciding factor in the conviction. Criminal defense lawyers also consider other important things like Mens Rea and Actus Reus.

This proves that only provide the motive doesn’t mean that a man is at fault for a crime. So, it isn’t necessary for the prosecutors to prove the motive in a majority of the cases, as it doesn’t change the outcome of the whole crime situation.

Police Can’t Interrogate You If You Don’t Speak

While the law gives you the right to remain silent during interrogation, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the police doesn’t have the right to interrogate you. You can have your lawyer present during the interrogation to avoid saying something that can be used against you. So, you should talk to a criminal defense lawyer and know your legal rights and limits.