Importance of Speed

We live in a fast paced, web oriented world where everything from the things you need to the people you love are all just a click away. This is the era of online businesses, not only because it is in trend but also because it makes you approachable and helps you be seen. You are just a web search away from your target audience. Failing to get on board with this means that you are least likely to reach an audience more than those in your immediate vicinity. Your business simply will not grow.

But if you are one of the many who have decided to jump on this band wagon (pun intended), you need to keep in mind that site speed is important. In fact, it is probably one of the most important factors in determining your user base. The public expects a fast loading webpage and if you are unable to deliver, they will simply move on to other websites. There’s very little patience when it comes loading of a website considering the number of alternatives out there. An estimated 78% of people never return to a webpage if it doesn’t load fast enough in the first try.

How fast your website loads is the first impression that you will make to the person trying to reach you. it is considered unprofessional and unreliable if your web speed is slow. A company who isn’t willing to invest in something like this is most likely to be inefficient. The human mind is wired to relate speed with reliability and efficiency, so if the first thing that a visitor faces when they reach out to you is a slow webpage that take ages to load, they will automatically assume that your company cannot be relied on.