How Can a Sim Unlock Benefit You

Some phone that you buy are locked for use only on some specific networks, and this feature only allows them to work with only a certain career.

All this makes some sense, you can change your handset and start using a desirable network. But what if you want to keep the same phone, and at the same, start using a new network on it? Well, then first you must sim unlock your handset. So, sim unlock simply means inserting a module into your handset that makes it compatible with a desired network. Here is a brief description of different parts of a sim unlock procedure.

Pre-Installed Sim Cards

A phone might come with a specific sim card pre-installed on it. Sim cards are memory chips specially designed to store and process all the information related to your calls, contacts and messages, so, for security reasons, many companies sell sim locked phones that only support some specific careers.

You can use a sim unlock to remove your sim from the phone and prepare it for a resale. This way the new owner would be easily able to install their own sim even from another network.

Sim Card Locks

Except the sim unlocked phones, every phone comes with a sim lock which prevents you from taking your phone from one provider and using a sim on it from any other provider. But fortunately, you can sim unlock many devices that are currently in the market.

The Sim Unlock Procedure

The sim unlock procedure is quite simple. With this method, you can unlock your phone and install any other sim card in it for your use.

You’ll have to buy an unlock code, either from your provider, or (preferably) from an online site providing these services. You can then install the new sim card in your mobile, power on your phone, put in the code when prompted, and enjoy using a new sim card on your handset.