Hitting Up The Electric Station in Eugene

So a few weeks ago I was travelling around Oregon, when we crossed a city I was not too familiar with before that point, we were in the Emerald City; Eugene, Oregon. This city has a lot going on, and despite my own personal cluelessness, it is actually quite well known for a number of things, including being the home to the University of Oregon and Northwest Christian University, being known as “A Great City for the Arts and the Outdoors” which also happens to be their official slogan, and being the birthplace for the Nike corporation, which has earned them the name Track Town, USA.

This city has had a lot going on for it, but to me the most enjoyable part of it was when I was able to eat in this city. We went to the Oregon Electric Station, and boy were we absolutely blown away by everything there. From the ambiance, to the food, and also the fact that we kind of ended up there during the happy hour Eugene everything was great over here.

So first and foremost, the ambiance of this place is insanely good. The restaurant has become a bit of a landmark over the years because of what it has done with its design and décor. The restaurant has attached antique railroad cars that you can sit in and have your food served to you right there. This on its own would have been great, but the fact that the added dim lighting and the fact that the station is actually close by meant that this was a great ambiance to be in. As for the food, all of it was locally produced or harvested. Everything was super fresh and we left very happy and full.