Golf is a Major Sport And Has Existed For Centuries

Golf is dated back to the 15th century but its actual origin is still unclear. It first originated in Scotland and was taken up as a regular sport and activity by many people. The matches are played on two formats. The first one being stroke play in which the winner is chosen according to the number of strokes by a players. The player who hits a hole on the lowest number of strokes wins the game. The other format is called match play. In this format, the winner is chosen after a complete round and the one who has the lowest score on individual hoes, wine the game.

The Sport

This is not a usual club and ball game as it requires much more dedication and patience than the other club and ball games. The player uses a few clubs to hit the ball. The ball is made from light-weight material. In the recent times, it is stuffed with light weight leather but before it used to be stuffed with feathers. The player hits the ball and aims for it to fall in one of the holes in the golf course. This is why a lot of skill and intellect is required in this game. The winner is decided according to the format decided by the players before. Most games are played on stroke play.

The Golf Course

This sport is usually played on different types of golf courses the terrain can be different and players usually aim to play in all kind of terrains. The terrain can either be rough with long grass or even very rough with rocks and water. To know more about golf courses and why they remain different from each other, head to kurt chrisler blogs.