Clogs: A Returning Contender in The Fashion World

Clogs were once very popular in the 70s, and if you were not born during that time, then chances are that you probably do not know much about them. The best way to describe clogs are the infamous wooden Dutch shoes that we have all seen in different TV shows or cartoons. If you are interested in learning about the history of clogs and how they have evolved over time, then you can check out this blog for more information on that subject matter.

Clogs traditionally consisted of shoes that had a leather top followed by wooden soles and were pointed and curled upward from the front. You can still find some versions of clogs that look like these or at least have wooden soles, but apart from that, you will find that clogs have changed their looks over the years in order to better adapt to the ever-changing fashion world and its needs. This variety of clogs now includes leather, suede, wooden, canvas, and garden clogs to name a few.

Each type of clog can be worn on different occasions, like canvas and suede clogs work well with casual wear, and garden clogs, because they are made from plastic, are great for doing rough work like gardening, walking through muddy areas and so on since they are durable and the dirt can easily be washed off of the shoes. A lot of women are attracted to clogs because you can easily slip them on and take them off like one can with slippers, and they can also be worn throughout the year. You can wear them without socks during the warmer months, and once the weather starts getting cooler, you can just wear socks and continue to wear these shoes normally.