3 Traits of a Quality Carpenter

Carpenters hold an important position for the interior designing of a building. Without the help of carpenters, in it impossible to get a fully functional and beautiful looking home or office.

Carpenters don’t only make pieces of furniture, but they can also work to make other important parts of your home. But the process of hiring a carpenter requires expertise and knowledge in the field.

Here are some of the top qualities of good carpenters like Eastern Atlantic Carpentry that you should look for in the carpenter you hire for any task.

Physical Fitness

Physical strength is a much needed quality that a carpenter must have. That bus because the nature of their work is very hard, and they also need to work for long hours most of the times.

Every type of work associated with the job of a carpenter requires a certain level of physical strength. Additionally, they might ne working in extreme hot or cold weather conditions too, so, always try to find an hire a physically fit carpenter.

Knowledge of Basic Mathematics

Since a carpenter’s work requires lots of mathematical calculations, you should hire a carpenter with at least some basic mathematical skills.

To test this, you can meet with your carpenter before hiring him and give him the details of your project, they should be able to provide you with the size of different materials needed right away. Math is such an important thing for a carpenter to master, so, don’t skip this part while hiring.


Although good skills are also important, the carpenter should also have enough experience to help you with certain tasks. That is why you must ask about the experience of the carpenter in the field before hiring him for your work.

Experience can further improve the skills of a carpenter, helping him in solving the complex problems.